Saturday, October 8, 2011

Landing Zone Veterans' Clinic

We haven’t heard much lately about the proposed veterans facility at Alameda Point, but it’s been moving full steam ahead. . . . 
As the project moves forward, our city council has both a challenge and an opportunity.  The challenge:  to become the advocate for a full-fledged urban wildlife refuge, fulfilling the responsibilities described in the base reuse plan.  The opportunity:  to partner with the VA in the construction of the roadway and infrastructure out to the site.  The adjacent 200-plus acres (the Northwest Territories) are under the city’s trusteeship of Public Trust Lands.  A regional park and Bay Trail have been planned there for 15 years, and wetlands and habitat restoration are being considered, but we need a road to get there.  Partnering with the VA could help build the roadway and infrastructure to the western shoreline and fulfill the promise of maximum public shoreline access.  ...

You can read the full article by Irene Dieter on Isle Say, published July 21, 2011.

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